Friday, 26 August 2011

Let time heal everything.

I just love him more than anyone, He can't be rplaced, No one, I admit i tried to get him replace by talking to other
guy, finding other one, i thought i've made it, then i found that he can't be replace by any other boys, despite his
attitude, i can't do it, i dun wan any other boys anymore, it tiring, i would rather wait for him, i believe that he still
loves me, and one day, he would call me his girl again, this few days, i've been checking my phone hoping he would text
me saying he want me back, it seems like i waiting there like a fucking shit not doing anything, i dun dare to text
him cause the replys i get bck from him is too much for me, i can take it, im afraid other girls will get with him, im scared
i hope he still thinks about me when girls get close to him, he's always on my mind and, i've think it twice, next time i won't
try to get him replace, in fact i'll wanna make him mine forever, i hope theres another chance for me. :')

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