Friday, 26 August 2011


Maybe its because we have not been quarreling for the past few days and that why we now had a
big quarrel, i dun understand why must couples quarrel? Quarrels than they will be more close
after their fight or they will now what eah other wants, but for me and Darrel, it doesn't seems
this way, we had almost alot of quarrels in a month, maybe 4-5 quarrels, i dun understand,
why quarrel? Sometimes its because of misunderstanding, sometimes because i talk to other boys,
sometimes for no reason, why must the world be so un-perfect? why can't we lead a happy life, laugh
everyday with our love-ed ones, no sorrow, sadness, nothing but happiness, that way, we'll only get
with one guy right? Your first and your last, isn't this muchmuch better? Than there wont be something
called 'filrting/sluts/whore'. This isn't the life I wanna go with him. </3

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