Wednesday, 31 August 2011

We quarrel, we bring up all the past unhappy memories, a little disappointed cause he would rather believe that bitch then a girl that he loved. This isn't what I want, but thing are really getting outta control, I wish i could end all here and get back to those days when we meet each other every single day, missing each other every single minute when we're apart. :')

Monday, 29 August 2011

He like charmaine photos, he once promise he wont talk to charmaine or even like her status, Is it right for me to cry like a baby now or to blink away the tears? I dun know, Its too much for me to take the pain.. :( I dun know what can i do now, but i think now, the only thing i can do it to give up.. I need a shoulder..
Nights my dear, love you! <33
*Missing him*

Hate people like that bitch! -.-
Hmm, so jialat, until now still haven patch~ when uh?! :( disappointing!  He ask me to stop wasting his time, putting in much effort, in the end kena reject, maybe he dun know how that king of feeling feels. :\ He's lacking of rejection in life on relationships.. I guess he just have to learn how to be considerate. :')

Friday, 26 August 2011

I miss him, I miss texting him, I miss chatting with him )':

Let time heal everything.

I just love him more than anyone, He can't be rplaced, No one, I admit i tried to get him replace by talking to other
guy, finding other one, i thought i've made it, then i found that he can't be replace by any other boys, despite his
attitude, i can't do it, i dun wan any other boys anymore, it tiring, i would rather wait for him, i believe that he still
loves me, and one day, he would call me his girl again, this few days, i've been checking my phone hoping he would text
me saying he want me back, it seems like i waiting there like a fucking shit not doing anything, i dun dare to text
him cause the replys i get bck from him is too much for me, i can take it, im afraid other girls will get with him, im scared
i hope he still thinks about me when girls get close to him, he's always on my mind and, i've think it twice, next time i won't
try to get him replace, in fact i'll wanna make him mine forever, i hope theres another chance for me. :')
Can I have my dearest Darrel back? :'(
I just wanna love him like no-one else. <33


Maybe its because we have not been quarreling for the past few days and that why we now had a
big quarrel, i dun understand why must couples quarrel? Quarrels than they will be more close
after their fight or they will now what eah other wants, but for me and Darrel, it doesn't seems
this way, we had almost alot of quarrels in a month, maybe 4-5 quarrels, i dun understand,
why quarrel? Sometimes its because of misunderstanding, sometimes because i talk to other boys,
sometimes for no reason, why must the world be so un-perfect? why can't we lead a happy life, laugh
everyday with our love-ed ones, no sorrow, sadness, nothing but happiness, that way, we'll only get
with one guy right? Your first and your last, isn't this muchmuch better? Than there wont be something
called 'filrting/sluts/whore'. This isn't the life I wanna go with him. </3
Having gastric just now, damn jialat uh! Feel like dying, and yet his not with me.. );
When will this quarrel stop? Soon right? It wont last forever. :')
Start-ing to have problems every now and than. :\
Woots! ^^ Create a new blog, hope will update everytime. (:


Life, Its something what humans can choose, Its fated, something we can't change to make it better,full of regrets, misery and sorrow.